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Photos by Kenneth Ingram

The Heist is a great adventure for new and seasoned escape room goers

By Kenneth Ingram on November 29, 2017


Apt613 was invited to try The Heist, an escape room for up to seven players who have 45 minutes to sift through a bunch of clues and (hopefully) find stolen diamonds.

Recover the diamonds within 45 minutes and reward yourself with renewed confidence in sleuthing skills.

The Heist is one of four newly renovated escape rooms at Jigsaw Escape Rooms Ottawa celebrating a new location in the ByWard Market after moving into a new space this past fall.

Game Play (No Spoilers)

The Heist offers standard game play of 45 minutes, two clues over the handheld radio if you get stuck and lots of puzzles (available in both French and English) to keep you busy. As with all escape rooms, the true key to winning is constant communication between players. The Heist is no exception.

Feel free to move plenty of smaller objects in the room but closely examine what you find and communicate with each other. Reading and examining objects poses no challenge in this room thanks to adequate lighting and there are lots of puzzles to do simultaneously. There are a few too many combination locks to solve (many escape rooms in Ottawa suffer from this less-than-innovative puzzle approach that has an unfortunate tendency to become dull) but towards the end—if you make it that far—some very cool puzzles with no-numbers-required await.

The odds are in your favour to escape The Heist based on feedback from the staff who say that players have a greater than even chance of winning. It’s the closest we’ve come to beating an escape room in Ottawa so if there is hope, you’ll likely find success (and a renewed sense of confidence) with this one.

This room should please new escape room enthusiasts as well as players who have already tried a few. Avoid the tendency of looking too hard or making things more complicated than they need to be. We missed one of the most obvious clues. Inviting a new player with a fresh pair of eyes may prove to be helpful for this game.

Great Staff

One of the best features of Jigsaw Escape Rooms Ottawa is the friendly staff. Like some of the other smaller businesses in Ottawa, the owners also work at this location and they’re very passionate about what they do. In addition to showing a strong desire to ensure visitors have fun, the staff wants to make Ottawa a cool place to live and work but also a place to play. They welcome feedback in order to improve the escape rooms and want to make this place the very best it can be. A fifth escape room, The ByWard Market Butcher, is scheduled to open at this location before 2018 as well as a room to play virtual reality games.


Jigsaw Escape Rooms Ottawa is located beside Zak’s Diner at 12 Byward Market Square. Easily accessible by public transit, the area is hit-or-miss for parking but walking distance for people who are downtown for work, home life, or sightseeing. Each of the four escape rooms require less than an hour to play, making this venue an obvious choice for having some fun after work, school, or dinner. It’s a prime location for foodies and for a limited time [until December 30 2017], Jigsaw Escape Rooms Ottawa offers 15% discounts at a few nearby restaurants.

The newly renovated space was once a furniture store’s showroom area in the basement. It makes a great first impression because there’s lots of space and big tables in the lounge but it’s the lighting and décor that takes this space to the next level: an inviting, non-office space feel with snacks and beverages available too.

For more details about Jigsaw Escape Rooms Ottawa, including online bookings and pricing, visit their website.