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Crosss my heart and read my tarot

By Les 666 on November 29, 2013

Ottawa band Bonnie Doon reads Crosss tarot cards unveiling mystic musical truths:

On travelling about the Canadian music community this summer I crossed paths with Andy March, Ryan Allen and Nathan Doucet of Crosss (pronounced Crosses) on many legs of their various tours. The first time was here in my hometown of Ottawa at Pressed for a Bruised Tongue showcase. The second was during the freak flooding of Calgary, the third in the farm fields of Sackville and the fourth at Pop Montreal. Crossss released their debut full length LP Obsidian Spectre (on Telephone Explosion) and in its name and in each city (nearly 75 dates in US/Canada) they prophesied its definition: a dark rock with mystic qualities. The winding journeys that brought us together took an angular orbit, each corner added together to equal nowhere, still returning at a single point for a show in Ottawa this Saturday at “Gabba Hey.” Potentially their last until the snow melts.

Seeking celestial understanding for coincidences I often look to the tarot, or rather the tarot readings provided by my drummer of Bonnie Doon, Keltie Duncan. But instead of attempting to reason our continual convergences past the fact that the music community in Canada just really isn’t that huge, we thought we would sit down and see what the future had in store for a drone-y psyche metal band that will be coming off the road to write a follow up album.

photo(4)We drew the Celtic cross, a tradition based around a central question which leads to definite answers and shows the past, present and future pattern of events. Let us begin:

Drawing the 8 of Pentacles we find the heart of our query, a working and building towards a new goal. This card represents work, so this is good for the coming album writing times. It is truncated by the Star representing light at the end of the tunnel, this card crossed over the 8 of Pentacles shows a missing feeling or coming close to something. Looking ahead it’s positive but seeks fulfillment. We pull the 7 of Cups for past events….oooooh difficulty scheduling and confusion, this must be the time when Nathan missed his flight to meet Andy in Montreal or the time Andy’s car was impounded in NYC almost missing their show opening for Built to Spill.

Next, 9 of Rods or Wands showing that present continual persistence. This card counters the original Star but when you are buried in work you must persevere. The 5 of Swords is what’s happening now, some immediate disappointment, a battle that didn’t go well… Crosss left their few remaining records in Montreal on their last tour date. Obsidian Spectre is readily available online only.

It appears that Crosss will have an Empress help guide them in the practical skill of the arts, a strong presence, perhaps a producer. Followed by another female figure, the 9 of Pentacles representing honours and material gain, an inheritance of more value than imagined. Then we have the party card – the 4 of Rods, there will be an accomplishment, a celebration, a party, a wedding in the future.

Taro1Ok, we drew this next card and gasped but luckily it was in one of the best positions. The Tower Card in the position of fears and unfounded emotions. The Tower card always represents impending disaster. Finally, a new love and a bit of drama, as is required in writing all good records, followed by the final answer card– a passionate Knight of Cups and the card of Strength showing courage bravery and a charging ahead at one’s goals.

Phew. Well, it seems the upcoming album will turn out just fine and that all the hard work and touring for Crosss will pay off. I am not sure where I will run into Crosss again, but I certainly will connect sonically each time I put on their record to hear their ritualistic chants and clangy guitars as I unfold my tarot deck and slip under their spell.


CROSSS is at Gabba Hey at 9pm on November 30. Tickets are $8. Organ Eyes and The Tropical Dripps open. Check the Facebook event page for more info.