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Couchwrecked CD release party at Lunenburg

By Rachel Hauraney on April 15, 2014

With lyrics like, “I can’t give you my love, but I can give you my cat,” who wouldn’t be entertained by local drum and bass duo Couchwrecked? By drum and bass, I mean the actual instruments. These two are reminiscent of Debbie Harry and New York’s late ’70s punk rock scene, but their lyrics are a lot less angst-ridden and a whole much more fun.

The band releases its debut EP April 19 at the Lunenburg Pub and Bar. The album consists of five songs recorded in bass player Phil Bennett’s basement. With song titles like, Cheese Party and Cat-O-Gram Break-up, Couchwrecked’s First EP (yes, that is the name of the album) is rough around the edges, but bracingly original. Drummer Tanya Janca and Bennett share a sense of humour that trumps any absence of instrumentation.

Couchwrecked gets its name from the phenomenon that occurs when a person is too stoned/drunk/hung over to leave one’s couch. The band got its start when Janca, a guitar player, decided to learn how to play the drums.

“A reliable drummer is hard to find,” explains Bennett, who has been in several other bands with Janca, including Dad Party, and Eugene and the Eugenics.

Scene from Couchwrecked's upcoming music video for Hottawa. Photo by Rachel Hauraney.

Scene from Couchwrecked’s upcoming music video for Hottawa. Photo by Rachel Hauraney.

The duo discussed having other musicians join the group when it was formed. However, no one else jived with the band’s chemistry. Who else was coming up with songs like, We Put the H in H-Ottawa? Who else was writing lines like, “One-point-two million hotties at the Bridgehead eating biscottis,” or “We’re health-conscious and we eat nutritious. We’re from H-Ottawa. We’re wildly delicious?” Who else had a song about Star Trek that refers to Captain Kirk as the guy, “slaying the bad aliens and laying the hot aliens?”

Unlike many bands, Couchwrecked writes solely positive tunes. There are no depressing break-up songs or rage-fueled tirades. There is a song about a break-up, but it’s light-hearted and witty, and mostly has to do with the neediness of Janca’s former cat.

We Put the H in H-Ottawa points out the many attributes of our Capital City.

“What other country has dance parties and yoga on the lawn of its Parliament?” asks Bennett rhetorically. “The White House has people passed out and other people selling fake watches.”

The CD release party currently features two other acts, one of which is a band made up entirely of ex-bandmates of the members of Couchwrecked. There will also be a fourth mystery guest.

“We’re ecstatic to be playing a show with all of our friends,” says Janca. As for Couchwrecked’s portion of the evening, Janca adds, “It’s like seeing a great band and a funny comedian at the same time. And we are very approachable.”

The evening would put another H in H-Ottawa, if that were possible.

Couchwrecked perform on April 19 at the Lunenburg Pub and Bar, 9pm. Special guests include Ain’t No Grave, and Swagoo. Cover is $10, and includes a complimentary album.