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Apartment613 is the kind of place where you don’t need an invitation… just come on over (but be sure to bring your own beer)!

If you know of stories we should post about, write a note to <>. Below is a complete list of Apartment613 contacts:

Pitches, Submissions, Corrections: <>
Meet-ups, Social, Volunteering: <>
Advertising, Contests, Partnerships: <>
Board of Directors: <>
Accounting: <>
Operations: <>

We try to respond to email promptly, however is run by volunteers and a p/t team with limited hours. If you do not hear back from us in five days, please assume that we are unable to help at this time.

Work at Apartment613

Keep an eye on Apartment613’s monthly job board, published the first Monday of every month. In addition to sharing the coolest arts & culture jobs we hear about in Ottawa-Gatineau, Apartment613 will often post work opportunities for editors, reporters, creatives, and project managers.

Volunteer at Apartment613

Write to <> for more information on how to get involved. Tell us what you hope to get out of volunteering and ask when the next meet-up will be. We are always looking for new writers and would love to have you on board.

Reader Comments

We always want to hear what you think… the more comments the merrier! However, we do moderate comments and reserve the right and delete comments that are sexist, racist, homophobic, or that otherwise take discussion to a disrespectful place.