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Construction and Destruction bring their spook rock to Pressed

By Les 666 on December 20, 2013

David and Colleen. Photo from

David and Colleen. Photo from

It’s crawling. It’s disturbing. It climbs all over you but is kind of sexy. And groovy. Get into it, or eat yourself. Construction and Destruction play Ottawa Dec 22.

Colleen Collins and Dave Trenaman of Construction and Destruction live out on the side of the water. Their videos, their art and their music reflect the surroundings of their small basin town in Nova Scotia. They make loud startling music too, “It’s so quiet here except the odd chain saw on other properties… It lacks certain kinds of noise.” Colleen describes a view of Minas Basin and how it’s a moody body of water.

Their new video off Dark Lark “Keep the Gate” is that basin. And although they may seem to have a naive quality about their work, sometimes being described as “quirky,” it is that essence of innocence that I think is a bit more disturbing. I think they’re scary, like a spider. While you may or may not be afraid of spiders (at least not in the 613), I get shivers all over when I think about a room full of them. That’s how I felt about Dark Lark and their recent split on Noyes Records with Cousins.

Colleen describes the weather in Port Greville (or Porkerville if you say it fast enough) as changing minute to minute. “The weather suits our writing temperament.” Perhaps this is why Construction and Destruction make impactful, dark and screamingly beautiful music also known as spook rock. They seem so isolated, but they are not. They are surrounded by the megasystems of the natural environment. Layers of cobwebs, patterns in paths, the cycle of the water and the many many many stars.

But then so are we in Ottawa, only I would call it a ‘big ol’mess.’

Dark Lark comes as their 5th release put out on their own label – Headless Owl Records and the Quarantine. Despite their solitary location they’ve had their share of collaborative projects, especially in the last year.

This past October, Construction and Destruction were among 9 bands/musicians that came together in the Yukon for Headless Owl and You’ve Changed Records‘ mini music summit which included The Burning Hell, Kyle Cashen, Michael Feuerstack, Wax Mannequin, Baby Eagle, Marine Dreams, Shotgun Jimmie, and Richard Laviolette. They were also joined by Shary Boyle – Canada’s rep to the Venice Biennale- who did projections at the curated shows in Whitehorse and Dawson City. This album project is set for release in 2014.

Adult music camp aside, in July they released a 12″ split with Halifax’s, Cousins on Noyes Records with a limited run of blue vinyl. Colleen says, “It is helpful to do collaborative work, to explore yourself and the universal experience. Collaborative and yet autonomous. Comrades – not working for us, working with us. If not you’ll end up like a snake eating yourself – ouroboros.”


CONSTRUCTION AND DESTRUCTION play with KAPPA CHOW and REMI ROYALE Dec 22 at Pressed. Show starts at 8pm.