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Photo: Broadway Friends ForeverApt613

Concert Review: Harry’s Musical World by Ottawa Pops Orchestra

By Laura Gauthier and Samara Caplan on November 9, 2019

Laura and Samara spend their days as non-profit unicorns and fill every spare minute exploring the world of musical theatre as BFFs (that’s Broadway Friends Forever).

Grab your robes and your wands, another year at Hogwarts has begun! Wizards around the city came together to experience Ottawa Pops Orchestra production of the music from the eight Harry Potter films in Harry’s Musical World at Meridian Centrepointe Theatres.

Ottawa Pops Orchestra is not your grandma’s orchestra. They’re a little bit light-hearted, they encourage dressing in costume and (silent) use of your phone to capture and share the experience.

Photo: Broadway Friends ForeverApt613

Harry’s Musical World was no different, as we saw many dressed in their house colours, robes, and with wands in hand. We, of course, donned our Hufflepuff attire, wore Dobby socks and liquid luck necklaces! Orchestra members even got in on the fun, wearing house-coloured ties, and two players, Emily Hsues and Anaïs Maasland, had life-sized cutouts of twins Fred and George on the sides of their double basses. It’s wonderful to see their passion and personalities come through.

If you’re already a fan of orchestra music, you’ll love the marvellous performance.

If you’re already a fan of orchestra music, you’ll love the marvellous performance. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll enjoy it even more. Artistic Director Mathieu Roy adds a twist on his emcee duties by not only describing the pieces you will hear, but doing so in full costume at times, and dropping Easter eggs like it’s already spring—a real treat for fans.

Ottawa Pops Orchestra is an excellent idea for first-time orchestra goers, especially for kids. It’s a more forgiving environment and less intimidating than other orchestras you might think of. We’re big fans of theirs for not only bringing high-quality performances to Ottawa audiences, at accessible prices, but also for their sense of fun and passion for performing.

If you’re sad to have missed this magical experience, be sure to check out our preview of the Ottawa Pops Orchestra season including a video game-themed performance and a Broadway-themed show.

Harry’s Musical World runs until Saturday November 9, 2019. Show runs approximately two and a half hours including an intermission. Tickets are from $27–62. More information and future performances are available at the Ottawa Pops Orchestra website.