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Allison Brown received a Community Builder Award for her work with the Canadian Red Cross and the Girl Guides of Canada. Photo provided.

Community Builders: Allison Brown, master volunteer, steps it up with COVID-19 response

By United Way East Ontario on September 9, 2020


In August, United Way East Ontario announced eight new Community Builder Award recipients being honoured for their unwavering support to their communities in these challenging times. Check out the full list of recipients here and read on to learn about recent recipient Allison Brown.

Allison Brown has been an extremely active volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross and Girl Guides of Canada for many years. Since the start of the pandemic, she doubled her efforts to help both organizations working as an Emergency Response Team Supervisor and Digital Volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross as well as a Unit Guider and facilitator for the Leading with Lines program with the Girl Guides of Canada.

In her volunteer role at Canadian Red Cross, Allison monitors social media channels to assist people experiencing emergency situations to ensure they receive the help they need. She also drafts educational articles and social media copy that provides updated and reliable information about emergency preparedness and safety in a COVID-19 world.

With the Girl Guides of Canada, Allison participates in the Leading of Lines program—a remote/virtual unit that brings Guiding to girls who may be unable to access regular meetings due to illness or other circumstances.

Allison Brown, Community Builder Award recipient. Photo: United Way East Ontario.

“I’m very fortunate that we have over 300 adult volunteers in the East Ontario and Western Quebec area that are committed to bringing ‘Guiding’ to youth this September—like we always would. There are a lot of adaptations and safety precautions but we are making sure that we are providing a positive focus for youth and adults during this time.”

Since the pandemic halted Guiding altogether, Allison has applied this adapted, online model of Guiding to ensure all youth can stay safe at home yet still connected to their friends and peers, and continue to increase their skills in communication, team building, and time management.

Allison has given a great deal of herself to help others in this challenging time, and has been a great role model and community supporter for the youth and adults she volunteers with.