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Photo from Jordan Foisy's Facebook page.

Comedy Pick: Jordan Foisy

By Daniel Araya on November 28, 2016



Jordan Foisy is a Toronto comedian who has performed on JFL 42, and written for Vice on topics ranging from horse racing to flip phones to karaoke. He’s record his first hour of stand-up on December 6th and 9th. To prepare, he’s going on a little tour of some cool cities, such as Ottawa, with some cool people. Come check him out at Pour Boy with Greg Houston, Kennedy Ryan and Steve Patrick Adams, on Tuesday, November 29th.

Apt613: This will be your first comedy album? How long have you been doing stand-up?

Foisy: Yeah it is, I’ve been doing stand-up for 7 years.

It’s cool that it’s your first album because you get to chose from ALL the jokes you’ve ever written and you create this masterpiece.

Yeah, it’s interesting because I’ve started to really enjoy and prefer my new material rather than my old [material].

Why is that?

Well, when you start stand-up you write jokes that anyone could write. About porno and what not, but as you do stand-up, you start develop yourself on stage. Now I like to talk about politics and anxiety.

It sounds like your stand-up is very personal.

Yeah! As a stand-up we often get asked the question “What is your style?” and I never knew how to answer that. I have jokes but I’m not a joke guy and I have stories but I’m not a storyteller, but now I think I’ll it by saying my style is “personal”.

Are you coming up with comedian friends?

Yeah there’s an Ottawa comic named Greg Houston who’s really funny and he’ll be hosting it. And my friend Chris Locke, on his tour had Kennedy Ryan open for him and I thought she was really funny and great so I asked her to open as well. My friend Steve Patrick Adams will also be coming, he’s in Montreal now but we started out together, so It’ll be fun to perform with him. Also he’s giving me a ride.

Would you ever move to Montreal for comedy?

No, when it comes to stand-up I think the place you have to go is Toronto.

Why is that?

In Toronto you get to perform with all-star comedians all the time at these terrible open mics, you’re exposed to greatness all the time. And there’s a ton of places to perform and practice.

Are you performing around the country?

No, I’ll be performing in Ontario, but I have performed in New York and LA. In New York, the style is so tight, at the open mics they only get 3 minutes to perform–


Yeah! Whenever New York comics come to Toronto they’re like tanks. They’re so polished, and they can conquer any room or environment. In LA, the alternative scene is big but in Toronto you get mostly 7 minute sets, so you get to practice being on stage and being comfortable in situation where you don’t know what will happen.

Comfortable in situation where you don’t know will happen? Can you talk more about that?

Yeah, there’s this guy Dave Merheje, he moved to LA, that will go on these long rants and you’ll think there’s no way he’ll land this things but he does! He was the master at creating these very present moments where everyone is engaged.

There’s a guy, Chris Locke, who has a very personal style. In his comedy albums you can hear a crackle in the air. You can hear the excitement, and those are the personal moments.

Jordan Foisy performs at Pour Boy with Greg Houston, Kennedy Ryan and Steve Patrick Adams, on Tuesday, November 29th

For more on Jordan Foisy, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.