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Hosted by Zainab MUse, Creatorland is bringing together 24 Ottawa entrepreneurs for a Q&A panel. Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

CityMakers: 100in1Day is back for a city-wide festival—06.02.18

By Nickie Shobeiry on May 31, 2018


Nickie Shobeiry is Apt613’s correspondent at Synapcity, Ottawa non-profit for civic engagement, connecting people across diverse communities to share perspectives and create positive change.

100in1Day started in Bogata, Colombia, when a group of students got together over beers. They asked: why not positively impact their city with 100 actions… and why not have it all happen on the same day?

For its second year in Ottawa, Synapcity is hosting 100in1Day on Saturday, June 2nd. It’s a city-wide event with 100 events happening to activate and innovate Ottawa. Anyone can participate, and there’s dozens of events to choose from, with themes from sustainability and technology to art to issue discussions.

Gerald Dragon. Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

Black Hair for Black Fathers

Gerald Dragon’s event provides simple techniques to get dads comfortable with styling their child’s hair.

“This intervention is important because I feel it’s useful for Black fathers with children to know, at least in some small respects, how to care for their child’s hair,” Gerald said. “Black hair has deep cultural and historical meanings and throughout the ages our relationship to our hair has been shaped depending on the times we’ve been in. There has been a resurgence in the last 10–15 years towards keeping your hair naturally maintained—and this is where the intervention comes in.

I’m hoping that participants learn a few simple things that they can take away and try on their own and then potentially be able to expand towards doing more styles,” Gerald continued. “It’s also important to note the meaningful bond that can be created between father and child.”

Robot Missions. Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

Robot Missions Field Test

For Erin Kennedy, founder of Robot Missions, 100in1Day is the perfect platform to demonstrate how her team helps the planet with shoreline cleanup robots. Her event is a field test, inviting the public to help operate and direct robots to collect trash.

Erin explained, “This [event] is important to Ottawa because it lets participants get hands-on engineering and technology education, and seeing how we can tackle the pollution challenge.”

Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

#BeatPlasticPolution Awareness Gathering

Happening at 11am on Parliament Hill, members of the Isha Foundation tackle our single-use plastic problem, and encourage audiences to exchange ideas to take action in their own lives.

“Statistics are showing that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050,” the Isha Foundation said. “We’re partnering with the United Nations Environment Program to conduct large scale social and on-ground awareness drives including the 100in1Day Event in Ottawa and around the world.

The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness about plastic pollution, especially single-use plastic. It’s a call for each one of us to find immediate solutions for our plastic habits.”

Elizabeth Winkelaar of Propeller Dance. Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

Propeller Dance Workshops

For lovers of dance, Propeller Dance Studios are hosting a dance workshop at the Alta Vista Ottawa Public Library.

Elizabeth Winkelaar, Propeller Dance company member and former teacher of Propeller classes, is leading the workshop. “We love doing pop-up workshops and so this is a lovely opportunity for us to reach out to all the people in the community and ask them to join us in some propeller dance exercises and dance moves. The musician for this Workshop is Mike Essoudry of the Bank Street Bonbons.”

She continued, “I love the idea that we are going to be in the local library at a time when children and adults can come, in a place that is accessible for all, to dance connect and have fun.”

Hosted by Zainab Muse, Creatorland is bringing together 24 Ottawa entrepreneurs for a Q&A panel. Photo courtesy of Synapcit


More of a 100in1Day hub than a 100in1Day event, Creatorland is bringing together 24 Ottawa entrepreneurs for a Q&A panel that covers everything from politics and community impact to fashion branding and art.

Hosted by founder of Wingd, Zainab Muse, and King Hector, fashion designer and owner of We Are Kings.

“I got involved with 100in1Day this year because of what it aims to accomplish here in the city—a connected and more creative community in Ottawa,” Zainab said. “I’m passionate about this because I wholeheartedly believe Ottawa needs more visible spaces for creators, entrepreneurs and innovators in the city.”

Zara Ansar. Photo courtesy of Synapcity.

Rhythm Jumpers: Double Dutch Skipping Party

Hosted by the ever-fabulous Zara Ansar, join the Capital Jumpers in the ByWard Market for some amazingly agile demonstrations of jump rope—and then try your hand (or feet?!) at it, too!

“I’m part of 100in1Day because I love events that the whole community can participate in, have fun, and get to know their community,” Zara said. “I hope our intervention inspires others to do their own community events.

This event is unique because nothing brings back memories like jump rope. We have done a few of these interventions and people of all ages join in and have a good laugh.”

100in1Day is happening this Saturday, June 2nd. Check out their website here to see all the events, and use the interactive map to track your day. Social: #100in1DayOTT and @synapcity.