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Vegan BBQ kits. Photo provided.

Cho’s BBQ brings Korean home cooking to your table in minutes

By Jamie MacPherson on August 26, 2022

Enjoying quality food at home with loved ones is a cherished activity for many people. Cho’s BBQ, a family business specializing in authentic Korean BBQ prepared meals, is enhancing this important part of our lives with their easy-to-make dishes.

Basket of goodies from Cho’s BBQ. Photo provided.

“It has been on my bucket list for some time to start a Korean food company with my mother, taking her name, as that has been her dream for a long time,” says Lara Hyomin Kang, founder of Cho’s BBQ. In 2021, the timing was finally right and Kang stepped into the business world. “I personally designed the company logo and packaging labels,” Kang tells me, “except for the nutritional facts table, which was completed by a certified food consulting firm.”

With high protein, low-calorie, healthy recipes full of vegetables, hot pepper paste and red pepper flakes, and barely any oil, Kang is carrying on a 40-year family tradition and sharing her mother’s cooking expertise with others.

Lara Hyomin Kang. Photo provided.

Now in its second year, the business is rapidly growing through its presence at the Parkdale Night Market and Carp Farmers’ Market, as well as partnerships with local retailers. The food Mrs. Cho once made lovingly for family and friends in Jeonju, South Korea, is prepared at Canotek Kitchen and currently available at Ottawa Korean Grocery Mart in Nepean, Natural Food Pantry, and Little Jo Berry’s.

The Cho’s team. Photo provided.

Cho’s BBQ wants to help busy people by providing a true home-cooked Korean meal with a convenient 10-minute cooking time. Their beef bulgogi kit is very popular, as is their seitan-based bulgogi meal kit for vegans.

Vegan bulgogi from Cho’s BBQ. Photo provided.

Back in Jeonju, Mrs. Cho became a certified Korean Traditional Cuisine Chef, and developed her savoury-sweet soy sauce-based and spicy-sweet gochujang (pepper paste)-based marinades. A simple 1-2-3 help guide on the Cho’s BBQ website (which also recommends vegetables to pair with each meal) helps to ensure a successful at-home cooking experience.

Beef bulgogi from Cho’s BBQ. Photo provided.

After participating in both of this summer’s Vegans Who Snack festivals, Kang will be very busy this fall: “We are currently working on making Cho’s Korean BBQ marinades available at the market soon. We are looking at spring/summer 2023 to launch.”

For the time being, they offer five distinctive meal-for-two kits to enjoy. The question is: Which one will be your new favourite?

Mashitge Deuseyo! Bon appetit!

Find out more about Cho’s BBQ on their website