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Celebrity Exception

By Apartment613 on June 11, 2015

Reviewed by Mariette Delevallée
60 min | Comedy | Mature

Warning: explicit content.

The pitch in itself is appealing: even in a stable relationship, why shouldn’t a person be allowed a sexual fantasy about a movie star? But Mark can’t accept this.  He gets really upset with his “unfaithful” girlfriend’s willingness to have sex with another man, even if it is the famous and inaccessible movie star Xander Lucas. Kayla just shrugs it off – hell, even Mark would have sex with Xander if he had the chance.  But what could have been a mere hypothetical “couch couple conversation” turns into reality when Xander Lucas lands in town for a film shoot!

The “celebrity exception” concept, at the heart of the plot, is the most original aspect of this light and naughty play. If you’re expecting stylish clothing and rococo decorations, you won’t find them here. The set is rudimentary, the costumes somewhat random and most of the situations are taken from everyday life. This simplicity is one of the strengths of the play, as we can easily relate to the characters (well, maybe not with the “famous” Xander Lucas, but certainly the other three) and appreciate the funny dialogue without a visual overdose.

What results is a funny, even hilarious, journey through the ins and outs of the interplay between the characters.  The laughs come from the well-written dialogue delivered adeptly by the cast along with exaggerated facial expressions, against the backdrop of the “situation comedy” format. The basic staging is used to the play’s advantage – simple and clever tricks are used effectively to create the context of each situation. The actors enjoy themselves and their energy is contagious – to the delight to the audience which, on opening night, was quickly drawn in, responding with bursts of laughter and reacting to the twists and turns of the plot.

Its infectious humor is definitely the strength of the play.  It doesn’t try to be “deep” although it explores grand themes (love, trust, faithfulness and relationships) and the dialogue does have its more profound moments (Hamlet is quoted!).  It is neither a light “chick-flick” nor is it a deep exploration of the human experience.

If you’re here to laugh, relax, or be astonished by the funny nonsense of some of the scenes, then Celebrity Exception will deliver on all three!

Celebrity Exception is written and directed by Katherine Glover and plays in The Courtroom. The next shows are Sunday, June 21st at 7.00pm; Monday, June 22nd at 9.30pm; Tuesday, June 23rd at 7.30pm; Thursday, June 25th at 6.30pm; Friday, June 26th at 9.30 pm; Saturday, June 27th at 4.00pm and Sunday, June 28th at 2.30pm. Tickets are $12.


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