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DIFTG Vernissage. Photo by Curtis Perry.

Celebrating 3 years of Do It For The Grain: Vernissage, Exhibition, Workshops

By Sonya Gankina on March 29, 2022



Happy birthday, Do It For The Grain! Celebrating three years of existence, this local organization empowers Ottawa film photographers through accessible publications of regular zines, print sales, and education opportunities. Apartment613 had the absolute pleasure of attending the Meet & Greet Vernissage on Saturday, March 26, to celebrate the anniversary exhibition DIFTG organized at the Somerset staple Art House Café. Featuring the works of more than 100 photographers, most of whom have been published in the zine through the years, the developed film photos have been carefully arranged in multiple collages around the small space.

The exhibition attracted many people during the Vernissage. Local photographers excitedly search through the collages to see their works and point them out to their friends with beaming joy. Guests sought out the artists to ask them questions about their featured work, their film camera, and the inspiration behind the shot. It was a buzzing event with so much positivity and love towards film photography – with multiple cameras carefully placed around the room for attendees to enjoy – and the classic DIFTG magazine featured on display. This Community Exhibition is on display until April 25.

Aptly titled, Amplify Analog is the theme of this year’s anniversary events, including free workshops, photo walks, screening, a panel discussion, and a Zine Launch scheduled for April 9 at Black Squirrel Books. To give you a taste of events yet to come in April — enjoy a one-on-one portfolio review with Ali Math, perfect for preparing your photographic submissions for grants or school applications. Try your hand at landscape photography of the stunning Experimental Farm with Joe Kearnan, or take in a screening of a short expository film series by Brooke Peloquin and Taylor Blewett at Black Squirrel.

The full list of events can be found here. Keep an eye on the availability of workshops and photo walks at @doitforthegrain on Instagram.