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Celebrate National Drone Day at Gallery 101

By Lisa Levesque on May 9, 2014



This Saturday, Gallery 101 is helping Ottawa celebrate National Drone Day. From 1-4pm, the gallery will showcase artists such as Herons Wake, Self Surgery, and, with what has to be one of the best band names ever, The Human Being Lawn Mowers.

Think of drone music as a palate cleanser. It’s the total opposite of the likes of Katy Perry and other nascent pop stars. Drone music is ambient, evocative, spacey and limitless. It lacks rhythm and lyrics, which is refreshing for when you’ve had enough of rhythm and lyrics for a while. It’s experimental without being too atonal, as some experimental music can be. Drone music is perfect background noise, great for a Saturday afternoon when you’ve got nothing to do but ponder.

For a great example of drone music, check out the official National Drone Day site here.

Gallery 101’s National Drone Day event also features a Make Your Own Drone workshop.  While they don’t specify how large a component of the show this might be, it’s one of the most intriguing elements, and it fits with how Gallery 101 has been holding increasingly hands-on events.

National Drone Day is presented by Weird Canada, which is sponsored by Wyrd Arts Initiatives.