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Visual art

Interview: Nicole Bélanger helps develop critical thinking and a sense of belonging through group art

Nicole Bélanger is a visual artist who specializes in murals as collaborative works of art. In schools or the community, her emphasis is on group work, both in conceptualization and creation. Nicole believes that the power of energy comes from the creative efforts of the group and that there is room for everyone in the world of creativity.

Bucko Art Machine: Collaboration in isolation, complex care and transcending physical disability in a global pandemic

Before the pandemic, Bucko (Chris Binkowski) was a busker. He would perform in public spaces or at events, creating audio-visual performances powered by his wheelchair. He also does large-scale geometric paintings and has been active on a new project with other artists, under the name Bucko Art Machine. His latest work is a track on the Mood Ring Vol. 2 compilation

Studio Space Ottawa: The Funfair is in the Bag

Studio Space Ottawa, or SSO, is an organization that converted a large space into studios for Ottawa artists. Established in 2019, the whole building houses 22 art spaces, some single and some shared, for 28 artists. With just around a year under their belt, the SSO has provided artists with the opportunities to grow, create, and experiment both before and during the pandemic.