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Visual art

Ottawa muralist Emilie Darlington has a passion for colour and nature

Vivid, floral murals are popping up all over Ottawa. Local artist Emilie Darlington is responsible for these gentle, breathtaking, nature-themed pieces. Darlington’s discovery of murals occurred during her Fine Arts education: “While in school, my canvases became increasingly large, and soon after graduating I discovered my interest in murals and public art. I’ve been hooked […]

KJ Forman reinvents their artistic vision with Luck and Lavender Studio

“While I love and adore my previous name, outing myself to strangers who ask for my brand name has unfortunately caused me to feel unsafe on several occasions,” says  KJ Forman, a queer, non-binary feminist artist who formerly created under the name Lucky Little Queer. They say they have “personally changed a lot” since 2016, and things stopped fitting. The creation of their new Luck and Lavender studio matched the different person they had become, empowering Forman to go “wherever I decide to go” from here.