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Visual art

Bucko Art Machine: Collaboration in isolation, complex care and transcending physical disability in a global pandemic

Before the pandemic, Bucko (Chris Binkowski) was a busker. He would perform in public spaces or at events, creating audio-visual performances powered by his wheelchair. He also does large-scale geometric paintings and has been active on a new project with other artists, under the name Bucko Art Machine. His latest work is a track on the Mood Ring Vol. 2 compilation

Studio Space Ottawa: The Funfair is in the Bag

Studio Space Ottawa, or SSO, is an organization that converted a large space into studios for Ottawa artists. Established in 2019, the whole building houses 22 art spaces, some single and some shared, for 28 artists. With just around a year under their belt, the SSO has provided artists with the opportunities to grow, create, and experiment both before and during the pandemic.