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Interview: Through music and dance, Fana Soro wants to share the beauty of traditional African culture

Fana Soro hails from the Senoufo tribe in northern Cote d’Ivoire and spent nine years as a member of the prestigious Ballet National de Cote d’Ivoire. He also toured with the celebrated West African group Super Djembé Kan. Fana later moved to Canada and formed Masabo, a performance group specializing in traditional West African music, dance, and story.

Interview: Violist, composer, and storyteller Kathryn Patricia

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler is a musician, artist, storyteller, and catalyst for creative experiences. As a multi-faceted musician-educator, she engages audiences of all ages in interactive performances, residencies, and musical workshops. In this interview, Kathryn talks about collaborating with other Ottawa-based artists and inspiring students to express themselves through visual arts and music.

Ottawa Experimental Music works to shine a light on experimental musicians

Ottawa Experimental Music (OEM) has been working tirelessly to shine light on Ottawa artists that might otherwise be in the shadows. Their mission is to make Ottawa known as a hub for experimental music and to get weird sounds and the people who make them out of the city’s bedrooms and basements and connect them in a community it has been fostering since 2012.