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Fringe Review: Bedwetter

Barbara Popel: “I was expecting a less-than-polished coming of age monologue …. Instead, I got a polished, funny, touching story from a talented charming performer. Within a few minutes, she had the audience (yours truly included) in the palm of her hand.”

Fringe Review: Hi, How Are You?

The trials of capitalism are on display in Hi, How Are You? Emmanuelle Gingras: “Hi, How Are You underlines with humor the issues stemming from major socio-economic gaps. In other words, “The client is always right” applies to those who don’t have the privilege to think otherwise.”

Fringe Review: Rachelle Rachelle

Jennifer Cavanagh: “Rachelle Elie a straight shooter intermingling her personal story to punchlines on the mundanity of marriage, the outdatedness of heterosexuality, the evolution of porn, the power of sex and showstopper tunes like ’50 and Fucking.'”

Fringe Review: ABLE

Amanda Dookie: “Despite the burdening and encumbering aspects of osteoarthritis explained by Catherine, the name of the play is ABLE for a reason. Catherine admits that while she could let the disease bring her down, she doesn’t let it stop her.”