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Crafts / DIY

Wunderkammer: Ottawa’s new curiosity shop

Walking into Wunderkammer is like entering an apartment whose owner had recently splurged at an antique store owned by Rilo Kiley. Situated on the trendy intersection of Dalhousie and St Patrick, Wunderkammer’s bright and eclectic décor of antlers, vintage furniture, and nature-inspired artwork is a definite indication of the quirky contents of the store. Co-owners and […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa

Today’s the day to remember that age-old saying about March, lions and lambs, Ottawa – keep that bright hope for snow-free days going. But don’t worry: there’s a lot going on to lift your spirits this weekend, from some suburban comedy to silkscreening to learning how to write love poems. Mavericks is hosting a night of […]

Prints & Inks Silkscreening Show

Calling all silkscreen ?-ers! Ottawa’s favourite DIY craft and DJ duo, Spins & Needles, is putting together an art exhibition at Fall Down Gallery, opening this Friday, March 2. Prints & Inks will house all types of graphic works – from clothing, to posters, to prints – and Jason Skilz will be on hand to provide beats. […]

Wed By Hand: Put a (locally designed & created) ring on it

Those big wedding shows always promise the perfect, unique day. But can those vendors really know what unique twists and turns you’ll want to bring to your special day? What if you want handmade chocolates? Or a truly one-of-a-kind ring? And how can you reduce the stress of planning it all? This is where Wed […]

Winter Bike Parade: the extreme commuter goes mainstream

Ottawa may have fallen into winter weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your beloved bike fall to disuse. Ottawa winter cyclists are out there, proving that navigating Ottawa in the cold can still be done with the right gear and attitude. If you’re a winter biking enthusiast or just looking for a […]

The Great Apartment613 T-shirt Contest: The winners!

Alright, dear readers, it’s finally time. You’ve been incredibly patient with us over the past few months, and we’re not going to let you down. The chance to get your t-shirt from the Great Apartment613 T-shirt Contest is finally, finally here. First off, a big thanks to everyone who submitted a design – it’s clear […]

Hey Ottawa! Can you keep a secret?

We may live in a city rife with state secrets and a multitude of security clearance levels, but this may be the best-kept secret we’ve ever encountered. And yes, it’s just a simple picnic. Well, ‘simple picnic’ might not be the right phrase – it’s more of a flash mob with tasty fare and formal […]

Get out your ghettoblasters, Ottawa: The Decentralized Dance Party is coming

Ottawa, this is a very important notice. It is designed to launch you into a focused Decentralized Dance Party watch-and-prepare mode. We strongly advise that you take the following set of actions immediately: Bump “battery-powered ghettoblaster,” and “short sleeved orange blazer” to the very top of your garage-sale hunting list. Bookmark the Decentralized Dance Party’s […]

House of PainT – Coordinating Conjunctions

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo] House of PainT is probably my favourite grassroots event in Ottawa. Year after year, I’m amazed by the artists that take part and the diversity of people that come out to support it. HoP 2011 took place about a month ago. Michael Napiorkowski shared with us this video that captures marvelously the […]

Apartment613 Live: The “Apologies for Ottawa” writers speak their minds

Happy Friday, audiophiles. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? We’re only now getting around to posting last week’s episode of Apartment613 Live, which is too bad, because it’s a stellar episode. (Of course, they’re all stellar, but this one is more stellar – stellarer? – than the others. Also, “stellar” is a funny word when you […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa

Word on the street is it’s a record year for freshers on at least one campus in town – so welcome, students, to our lovely city. We at Apartment613 are all about promoting university and college education, but want make sure you get a bit of urban education under your belt, too. If you’re a […]

Ottawa: a city of runners

This week, Apartment613 and OpenFile have partnered to present a series of stories—apologies for Ottawa—that show off what makes Ottawa a great place to live. We drew inspiration from ideas readers submitted to both websites. Today, Drew Gough writes about the strength of the city’s running community. The numbers sound made up. In the National […]

Creating an eye-catching store window with Fashion on Display

We walk by shop window displays every day – some are bland, some are catchy, and some we don’t even bother to look at. What if we, the citizens of this fine city, were given the power to hop behind those store windows and put up a creative display? Thankfully, we have Malorie and Maureen […]