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KJ Forman reinvents their artistic vision with Luck and Lavender Studio

“While I love and adore my previous name, outing myself to strangers who ask for my brand name has unfortunately caused me to feel unsafe on several occasions,” says  KJ Forman, a queer, non-binary feminist artist who formerly created under the name Lucky Little Queer. They say they have “personally changed a lot” since 2016, and things stopped fitting. The creation of their new Luck and Lavender studio matched the different person they had become, empowering Forman to go “wherever I decide to go” from here.

Wardrobe Refresh: 11 of Ottawa’s best vintage and consignment shops

It’s that time of year again when we Canadians leave hibernation to make the most of the sun and warmer weather. It is also at this time that many of us look into our closets and feel the need for a refresh. Luckily, Ottawa has many consignment and vintage spots where we can freshen up our wardrobes in an efficient, fun, and, most importantly, sustainable way.

Urban Retail Walks: Bank St. North

Recently, Bruce Burwell has been recommending Urban Retail Walks (URW) to deal with your pandemic-panic cabin fever. A few weeks ago, he recommended a Glebe and Bank St. south walk. This week, we’re going to head north on Bank from the Glebe, cross over Sparks to Elgin and then come back south.

Plant and Curio’s new multi-use studio space opens Feb. 26

“Our goal is to be less dependent on suppliers and have more of our product made here, by us, as makers ourselves and as a business,” says Leslie MacDonald, founder/owner of Plant and Curio: Cutest Plant Shop (P&C). So when warehouse space at 1160B Heron Road became available, her idea for a multipurpose studio space materialized. Ottawa’s in for a new plant-themed treat.

Urban Retail Walks: Westboro and Wellington West

In this series, I’ve been writing about doing Urban Retail Walks through the winter of our pandemic discontent. This week I was going to tell you about a walk along the north part of Bank Street and across Sparks. But there seems to be something going on downtown, so we’ll leave that for another day. A walk down Richmond/Wellington in Westboro it is!

Urban Retail Walks: Bank Street

In this series of Urban Retail Walks articles, Bruce Burwell has been highlighting great winter walks where the sidewalks will be clear and the scenery will be engaging. This week, he’ll tramp the sidewalks of the Glebe and Old Ottawa South down Bank Street from the Queensway to the Rideau River.