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That Walking Guy (Facebook).

That Walking Guy wanders the 613 and offers Twitter commentary

Back in January, everything had shut down again and I was doing winter walks around parts of Ottawa that I found interesting and walkable. I decided to write a series for Apt613 called Urban Retail Walks. I did some Google research to see if anyone else was doing anything similar, and immediately found That Walking […]

Video of the Week: Farming your own fungi

If you love the outdoors, then perhaps you also have an interest in the unique and wonderful world of mushrooms! There’s a lot to discover here in Ontario, where over 5,000 different kinds of fungi grow in nature—but did you know that you can also easily grow your own mushrooms to cook with at home?

Urban Imaginaries: What could Ottawa be?

When a longstanding regular at Centretown coffeehouse Arlington 5 pitched an idea to founder/owner Jessie Duffy, a unique collaboration with the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University followed. Those conversations led to Urban Imaginaries, a bold new project whose purpose “is to see people engage in everyday spaces in ways that are beyond transactional, and to open up a conversation around imagining multiple possibilities for the spaces we inhabit.”