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Ottawa’s Podcasting Renaissance

We can shop local and eat local, so why not listen local? More and more Ottawans have been producing podcasts since the pandemic began, on everything from bike polo to Canada’s healthcare system. Audiophiles now have endless hours of locally-made storytelling at their fingertips. Christina Vietinghoff explores the scene.

Ottawa podcasts: At the Pass with Adam Vettorel

Ottawa is known among major Canadian cities for having a very tight-knit restaurant community. Everybody seems to know everybody else and there’s a real sense of respect and admiration between restaurants. The warring camps that other cities have are nowhere present here. Acting as a spokesperson for this community is chef Adam Vettorel. He’s already well known as chef-owner of North & Navy, as well as the brand-new Cantina Gia. But did you know he has his own podcast?