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Linda Wilson: An LGBTQ+ co-op founder

Although many people will have seen the rainbow flag that flies proudly in front of Abiwin Co-op in downtown Ottawa, most will not know that this co-op was founded specifically to meet the housing needs of Ottawa’s 2SLGBTQ+ communities. In honour of Pride Month, we spoke with Linda Wilson, one of the founding members of […]

Capital History: Henry Brading’s Union Brewery, Est. 1865

Much has been written about what became of H.F. Brading’s Victorian-era brewery come the 20th century, particularly regarding infamous Ottawa-born magnate E.P. Taylor, who parlayed it into a gigantic beer empire. Then there’s the small matter of the SECRET BEER TUNNEL under Lebreton Flats, built around 1945. I won’t be talking about any of that: This is the largely untold story of the man who started it all, Henry Fisher Brading (1836-1903), and his original Union Brewery.

Gamer Education: Diablo II

I was encouraged to give Diablo II (2000) a try when the remaster came out back in the fall. So, I didn’t play the original. Instead, I played Diablo II: Resurrected (2021). I mean, technically it is the same game, I just played it with very sick graphics. Graphics or not, this is a serious mind-off game that is visually appealing and dark as hell.