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Canadiana documentary series tells a uniquely Ottawan Cold War story

The Canadiana documentary web series takes an entertaining look at some of Canada’s lesser-known historical episodes. It’s now into its third season and recently released some major Ottawa content. “How the Cold War was started… in Ottawa” is the story of the defection of cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko, an employee of the Soviet embassy in Ottawa during World War II. He defected just a couple of days after the war ended… and arguably started the Cold War.

Linda Wilson: An LGBTQ+ co-op founder

Although many people will have seen the rainbow flag that flies proudly in front of Abiwin Co-op in downtown Ottawa, most will not know that this co-op was founded specifically to meet the housing needs of Ottawa’s 2SLGBTQ+ communities. In honour of Pride Month, we spoke with Linda Wilson, one of the founding members of […]

Capital History: Henry Brading’s Union Brewery, Est. 1865

Much has been written about what became of H.F. Brading’s Victorian-era brewery come the 20th century, particularly regarding infamous Ottawa-born magnate E.P. Taylor, who parlayed it into a gigantic beer empire. Then there’s the small matter of the SECRET BEER TUNNEL under Lebreton Flats, built around 1945. I won’t be talking about any of that: This is the largely untold story of the man who started it all, Henry Fisher Brading (1836-1903), and his original Union Brewery.

Capital History: Nicholas Sparks’s House

If you’re interested in Nicholas Sparks’ house, Apartment613 has you covered: this is the second piece on the topic to appear on the blog, the main differences this time around being colourized photos and a quirkier approach. Enjoy!