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Wendy Hartley retires as MASC’s Co-Executive Director

In advance of Wendy Hartley’s retirement from MASC in June of this year, we are sharing this heartfelt letter from Wendy to the people who defined her time at MASC. As Wendy mentions in her letter, we are delighted that Micheline Shoebridge will be continuing in her role as Executive Director to lead MASC into its exciting next phase.

Future of Ottawa: Jazz with Ed Lister

This week in the Future of Ottawa series, we’re taking a deep dive into four of Ottawa’s most unique music communities—what they’re like now and where things are heading. Read on for a guest post from Ed Lister on the future of jazz music in Ottawa.

Creative Sunday: Stigmata by Rob Thomas

I had never been with anyone like Aaron before. His tastes were simple and entirely his own. His gift was a raw enthusiasm that was not self-conscious and could not be deterred. He could make the corniest pronouncements as though they were secret truths which no one had the courage to name.