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Fringe Review: Puzzles

A British-style kitchen sink drama. Colin Noden: “Do you like British-style mystery movies? Do you like soap operas that teeter on the verge of melodrama and have you shouting, “Just do it already!” at the screen? Do you love both? Then congratulations, you are going to love this play.”

Fringe Review: CIVILIZED

Gauthier and Caplan: “Civilized is a powerful and impactful show, but sitting through this production is not easy; it feels tense, uncomfortable, and oftentimes horrifying. But these are the ways art changes us, by challenging us to sit in our discomfort and listen to the stories and the history that needs to be told.”

Fringe Review: whY!

Colin Noden: “whY! allows us to explore the question through amazing original music performances, poetry performance, skits, and dancing puppets being bell-chased by Aunty (I’m not sure that part was in the script).”

NaNoWriMo excerpt: Alex Thomas’s Lycan’s Grace (Revisited)

As part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Apt613 contributor and NaNoWriMo 2019 participant Christina Bondi spoke with fellow participants before and after a month of writing. Here is an excerpt from Alex Thomas’ Lycan’s Grace (Revisited).