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Hello My Name Is… New Potato

What’s that? You think we’ve met before? Perhaps – but I think you may be confusing me with my much older and dowdier cousin.

Hops and Fodder: Community brunches for lasting change

Aaron Cayer, owner of Antique Skate Shop has been leading a movement for community-built-change in Ottawa under the banner “For Pivot’s Sake”. The goal of this initiative is to pay-it-forward by engaging youth to develop confidence, to get active and to get involved in their own communities. Hops & Fodder is one of For Pivot’s […]

Hello My Name Is… Radish

A weekly instalment of what’s seasonal. When it comes to radishes, I like to keep things simple. And raw. No braised radish with rabbit quenelles for me.  This post is more of a reminder to eat radishes than a recipe, per se. Radishes are available and inexpensive year round.  It’s easy to forget that they […]

Hello My Name Is… Green Bean

Every Saturday, check in to find out WTF is in season and WTF to do with all that local goodness. So the good news is that this bean salad is a stunner. The bad news? You probably don’t have hazelnut oil kicking around and therefore this recipe will give you sticker shock. Hazelnut oil is […]