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Fringe Review: Creepy Boys

Livia Belcea: “This play is uncontestably funny and original, and works because both performers are talented, creative, and incredibly committed to their roles, but there was an obscureness about the play that confused me rather than engaged me.”

Fringe Review: W-YRD

Livia Belcea: “W-YRD’s plot is not original, and I was skeptical about how a musical with a cast of seven performers, each in a different location, could be pulled off in a virtual format, but this show is a success and a must-see!”

Fringe Review: Now Where Was I?

Briane Nasimok has been near several famous names in stand-up comedy, theatre, film, and television (I won’t give away their names because most of them get revealed in a punch line), but hasn’t caught the brass ring. He’s been a warm-up man, entertaining the audience before the cameras roll. He’s had bit parts in forgotten films alongside actors, writers, and directors who went on to illustrious careers.