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Explosion Weekend

Ottawa Explosion Weekend: The scrappy young upstart festival

With all due respect to Bluesfest, it does tend to dominate the summertime conversation around music in Ottawa.  Fortunately, the Bluesfest juggernaut is not the be-all and end-all of Ottawa music festivals, with more and more scrappy young upstarts springing up in recent years. One of these upstarts has gotten substantially larger and more mature this […]

Ottawa Explosion begins!

The weekend is but hours away, and I really, truly, hope you are excited for this as I am. Actually, for many in Ottawa the weekend started last night. The reason? Ottawa Explosion. I’ve gotta admit I’ve been looking forward to this period in June for months. During the dreary lull of mid-winter days, when […]

Dog Day does the Explosion

Ottawa Explosion, the city’s underground music festival, officially kicked off last night for a second year with a rapturous performance by Pregnancy Scares, Metz and The Men. Organizers Luke Nuclear and Emmanuel Sayer have expanded the festival for its second year to include even more sweet garage and punk bands from Ottawa, Canada and the […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

And we’re (almost) back to the weekend! It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for Westfest, but indeed, this free music festival has crept up on us once again. Sure, we’ve known the lineup for a while, but that’s only built up the excitement. Plus, getting a head start on music festival enthusiasm can […]