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Fringe Review: @SadClown420xx

Colin Noden: “SadClown is not a self-indulgent depressive. She’s trying. She’s hopeful that the next thing that comes her way will be life-transforming. Diving right in and giving it her all can get pretty messy. But she’s willing to give it a go.”

Fringe Review: Old Fart 2021

Livia Belcea: “From the limitations of the ageing body to the pain of seeing all your loved ones disappear, to the isolation seniors feel due to generational gaps or simply because they live alone or far from their families, Old Fart 2021 tactfully weaves difficult elements into a cheerful and relatable narrative.”

Fringe Review: Creepy Boys

Livia Belcea: “This play is uncontestably funny and original, and works because both performers are talented, creative, and incredibly committed to their roles, but there was an obscureness about the play that confused me rather than engaged me.”

Fringe Review: W-YRD

Livia Belcea: “W-YRD’s plot is not original, and I was skeptical about how a musical with a cast of seven performers, each in a different location, could be pulled off in a virtual format, but this show is a success and a must-see!”