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Cape Breton’s impressive Pretty Archie play this Friday

By Alejandro Bustos on June 30, 2015

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a well known reputation for creating great musical talent.  From The Rankin Family to Ashley MacIsaac to the late Rita MacNeil, this artistic hotbed on the country’s East Coast has produced some of Canada’s best musicians.

From this proud region now comes Pretty Archie, a folk-bluegrass-country group from Cape Breton that will impress audiences with their strong chops.  Ottawa music lovers can hear them live when they perform this coming Friday, July 3 at 8 pm at The Music Factory (15 Capella Court Unit 101).

Formed by four longtime friends in 2012, the band based their name after a Cape Breton resident who would play outside of local shopping malls with two strings, rain or shine.  This fitting moniker is not only a great way for the group to tip their hat to their geographic roots, but is also a statement about their love of playing music together.

Having put out two albums to date, the most recent being the very solid North End Sky that was released earlier this year, this quartet is an act that you should keep your eye out for.  Their ability to write really strong songs is clear, as evidenced by their nomination for Music Nova Scotia’s 2013 Country/Bluegrass Album of the Year for their 2013 debut record Steel City,

With their impressive blend of folk, blues, bluegrass and country this band has produced a great sound that is oodles of fun to listen to.

Pretty Archie play The Music Factory (15 Capella Court Unit 101) on Friday, July 3.  Tickets are $20.