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Canthius feminist publishing collective launches solidarity donations program

By Alison Larabie Chase on August 11, 2020


Canthius is a biannual non-profit feminist and literary art magazine based in Ottawa. Their editorial board has recently announced that going forward, they will set aside 50 copies of each issue of their magazine to send to readers who make donations to organizations and initiatives that promote “justice and dignity for our Black, Indigenous, POC, trans, and queer contributors.” The collective is following in the footsteps of other publications such as Plenitude, Room, and Augur that have demonstrated support for Black Lives Matter.

Photo: Canthius.

Here’s how the program works: If you want to participate, have a look at this list, which was curated by Canthius and will continue to evolve, and is divided into organizations across Turtle Island and in specific provinces. After reflecting on which organization matches your own advocacy interests, make a donation of at least $15, then send an email to Canthius with proof of your donation. In return, they will mail you a copy of their current issue. You can follow their social media to find out if there are any remaining copies available for that issue.

You can find out more about this initiative here.