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Photo courtesy of Les 7 doigts de la main.

Canada Scene: Theatre Picks

By Eric Coates on May 30, 2017

4 Show Picks by Eric Coates

Eric Coates is the Artistic Director at Great Canadian Theatre Company

I pick all of them. Seriously, I want to see them all, but due to the ham-fisted Apt613 editors I have been limited to a selection of one, three, or four productions. Mysteriously, two is not an option.

Again, I pick all of the shows, but since I have either seen some already, or will be seeing some of them in other contexts, I will limit myself to four. Nothing short of the apocalypse will keep me from seeing…

Alanna Onespot. Photo by Bert Crowfoot.

Alanna Onespot. Photo by Bert Crowfoot.

Making Treaty 7

June 20 @ NAC Theatre (1 Elgin St)

When this project lost its creative leaders in a tragic car accident, the importance of its content, impact and legacy was brought into sharp focus for theatre artists across Canada. At last year’s PACT conference in Calgary and again at Magnetic North in Whitehorse, I spent time with artistic director Troy Emery Twigg, the articulate and compassionate leader of the project. His determination is palpable, as he strives to make Canada understand that “we are all treaty people.”

Café Daughter by Kenneth T. Williams

June 16–18 @ NAC Studio (1 Elgin St)

This is a fine script that burrows into the quagmire of teen angst and cultural identity without digging into cliché. The central character faces an endless cycle of racism that is exacerbated by mixed heritage. Maybe not the first time that this subject has been tackled, but under the direction of the inimitably clever Lisa C. Ravensbergen, I expect a hurricane of excellence.

Photo by Ashley Pettipas.

Photo by Ashley Pettipas.

The West Woods by Tara Reddick

July 7–9 @ Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Ave)

Another one of my favourite people is at the helm of this one. Emmy Alcorn, of the musical Alcorn clan, directs this new play about African-Nova Scotian women. Emmy’s taste in scripts is invariably good, and she exhibits equally strong judgement when it comes to eyewear, politics and friends, in that order. Not knowing the playwright’s work, I am relying on my knowledge of Emmy’s aesthetic to influence me here.

Cuisine & Confessions created by Shana Carroll and Sébastien Soldevila, Les 7 doigts de la main

July 7–8 @ NAC Theatre (1 Elgin St)

Two words: circus, food, Montreal. Okay, that’s three words, but Apt613 is all angsty about “two” of anything, so I am simply adhering to editorial dictum. Seriously though, just look at the photos and tremble at the hiptastic design and content. I anticipate a frenzy of artisanal applause from local hepcats.

For the full Canada Scene lineup, visit The festival takes place from June 15 to July 23 at numerous venues. Prices vary and a great deal of the programming is free or pay-what-you-can.