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Low Poly Crafts is an Ottawa company which designs DIY kits to make beautiful 3D animals and creatures.

Where in Ottawa can you find gifts for under 30 dollars?

By Apartment613 on December 21, 2019

With only thirty dollars, we set out to buy the best holiday gifts at local shops only. Not surprisingly, we found a lot of different and unique gifts that Apartment613 is excited to share with you. Please share your own tips in the comments section below!

In this video we visited Workshop Studio & Boutique (242 Dalhousie St) where everything is handmade by Canadian designers; Maker House Co. (987 Wellington St W) where you’ll find lots more cool, handcrafted goods and wears; and picked up Meow! That’s Hot sauces at the Freewheeling Craft Fair (the local hot sauce company also has a kitchen/bar at 519 Bank St).