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By Day By Night: Artist Projects

The HipsterMonocle by Mark Stephenson

Image by Mark Stephenson

Image by Mark Stephenson

The HipsterMonocle is a fun project created by Mark Stephenson as part of a workshop he gave at ArtEngine on Designing for Laser Cutting. The HipsterMonocle is a small monocle with a square frame and a fancy handle, allowing the user to hold it in front of their eyes and analyze the “hipster quality” of their subject.

Inspiration has come from the common square format of online profile pictures and avatars. Another point of inspiration is the square format of Polaroid photos recently popularized online by Instagram. The HipsterMonocle brings back an analogue experience to this popular meme.

This project features coloured lenses that slot into the monocle. These lenses provide a  more enjoyable experience while also connecting that experience more closely to the filters applied to digital photographs.


AUDIOSPHERE by Adam Saikaley, in partnership with Electric Fields/Artengine and Community Arts & Social Engagement

Images from STM (Société de transport de Montréal)

Images from STM (Société de transport de Montréal)

AUDIOSPHERE is a smartphone application that invites commuters to discover different musical landscapes based on given bus routes. It transforms Ottawa’s bus network into a sonic exploration along certain bus lines. Commuters will discover a rich soundtrack of original compositions produced by local musicians and inspired by the city.

Hence, AUDIOSPHERE invites Ottawans and visitors to soundtrack their commutes and experience public transit differently. The application will premiere in May 2013 with an exclusive mix by local wunderkind Adam Saikaley for the entire Route 95. “Audiosphere: Dance Mix 95”will delight commuters with soft sounds and gentle grooves from east to west and vice versa.


IN/digitized: Indigenous Culture in a Digital World by the 007 Collective

IN/digitized: Indigenous Culture in a Digital World is an installation of new works by the 007 Collective (Ottawa, Ontario 7) featuring 007 Special Agent guest artist Robert Houle. The 007 Collective are Barry Ace, Rosalie Favell, Ron Noganosh, Frank Shebageget, Ariel Smith, Ehren “Bear Witness” Thomas and Leo Yerxa. Exhibition runs from May 23 – 31, 2013 at Galerie SAW Gallery (67 Nicholas Street).

IN/digitized: Indigenous Culture in a Digital World is presented in partnership with the City of Ottawa for the Creative City Network of Canada 2013 Summit, Galerie SAW Gallery,  and the National Gallery of Canada’s exhibition Sakahàn: International Indigenous Art.


The Postal Card Project by Basil AlZeri

Image by Léa Wiest

Image by Léa Wiest

The Postal Card Project aims to examine the historical progression of representation of the Canadian identity/people/landscape on postal cards for the last century. Basil AlZeri employs these images, appropriates them, erases signs of colonial presence and imposed exploitations by presenting unusual images generated through his personal and active understanding of his new home, Canada.

The Postal Card Project will be situated in a busy area of downtown Ottawa, the Byward Market, where there is concentration of stalls, tents, and shops that offer Canadiana artifacts, products and post cards.  Visitors are welcome to interact with the artist, pick a postal card and send it right then and there. Basil will be on hand from 11:00am – 6:00pm, May 29 – 31 2013.

Basil AlZeri is an interdisciplinary, Toronto-based artist working in performance, video, installation, food, and public art interventions/projects. His work is grounded in his practice as an art educator and community worker. He is engaged with the intersection of everyday actions and life necessities with art. Given the context of a space, his work strives to interact with the public through gestures of generosity in social interactions and exchanges.


Quadriga by Max Streicher at Galerie SAW Gallery

Image by Max Streicher

Image by Max Streicher

Max Streicher is a sculptor and installation artist from Alberta, now residing in Toronto. Since 1989 he has worked extensively with inflatable technology in kinetic sculptures and installation works. He has shown widely across Canada in solo exhibitions in museums such as The Art Gallery of Ontario, Edmonton Art Gallery and the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon. Exhibition runs from May 29 – June 8, 2013. For more information, please visit Galerie SAW Gallery’s website.


Power Plays by Bear Witness, Josée Dubeau, Rehab Nazzal, Ryan Stec.
Curated by Christopher Rohde.

Power Plays is a curated online selection of short video works by local artists and SAW Video members past and present, looking at how technology is currently diversifying and accelerating. This diverse programme features a blend of animation, live image mixing, re-appropriated videogame imagery and docu-journalism that reflects the mediated landscape around us. Each of these four artists gives a unique perspective on new technologies, particularly media technologies, and the degree to which they can be empowering for both individuals and communities, while also reflecting critically on its limitations and the structures of power and control in society that continue to dictate how technology is used, by whom, and for what. Power Plays launches online on May 28.

Digi60 Short Films Screening


The Digi60 Filmmakers Festival asks filmmakers to create short films based around a “Catch” – a common element that all filmmakers must include. The Digi60 Filmmakers Festival has held a special Spring Edition in cooperation with this year’s Summit – the Catch was that the film had to show “Culture in a Digital World”. Filmmakers from across Canada were given the Catch on April 15th, and had 30 days to create a 3-minute film. The films are juried and the top films will be screened at the Bytowne Cinema. A Pre-Screening and Post-Screening Party will also be held at The Honest Lawyer (141 George Street) so you can meet the filmmakers. Visit the website for more information.

Digi60 takes place at the ByTowne Cinema (325 Rideau Street) on May 30 from 9-11pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online, at the Honest Lawyer, or at the door.

Pecha Kucha: The word for sneeze in Japanese?

From the Pecha Kucha website

From the Pecha Kucha website

The 2013 Creative City Summit includes a Pecha Kucha evening, so what is it and why would you want to be there? PK (for short) actually did start in Tokyo, in the design and architecture community. It means chit-chat, to describe the talk and slide show evenings held by designers and architects. As you can imagine, these presentations stretched to become hyper-detailed, with endless slide shows. So, in self-defense, a new presentation format was devised: 20 slides for 20 seconds each, for a presentation limited to 6 minutes and twenty seconds total. The evenings feature up to ten speakers, and are followed by a mix and mingle afterwards. PK has now spread to 534 cities around the world. The audience gets a super-concise and frequently surprising feast of ideas and creative people. What’s the connection to arts and cities? Some presenters are artists; others are scientists, digital hackers, or social entrepreneurs. All of them are denizens of a creative city. This mix of art, science and cross-disciplinary experimentation generates innovative projects. Pecha Kucha is a great space for seeing what’s going on and imagining how it can apply to your own community. Please visit the website for more information.

Pecha Kucha takes place at the St. Brigids Centre for the Arts (310 St. Patrick Street) on May 29 from 8-10pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door.