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Bureaucratease: When public servants drop their pants

By François Levesque on February 28, 2014




Billed as a boisterous blend of bureaucrats, office elites and colourfully queer characters, Bureaucratease – an office themed burlesque and performance art show from T-shirt aficionados behind local favorite Bureaucratees – hits the Velvet Room on Saturday March 22nd. The show was made possible in part by a grant from  Awesome Ottawa who awarded the organizing team its October prize. With the talent assembled and the planning complete the organizers are now looking forward to actually pulling the trigger on the show.

“We’ve assembled a great team from soup to nuts.” says Bureaucratease co-organiser, Nick Charney. Producer Adam Tupper of Wonder Geeks Activate has drawn talent from a number of local troupes and independents. “The theme is amazing and a natural extension of what we were trying to accomplish with the t-shirt shop.” Charney sees the show as another opportunity to change the Ottawa culture and bring worlds together that don’t usually grind up against each other all that much.

“We want to create an atmosphere at the show that celebrates office culture by juxtaposing its drab button down lifestyle with the colourful over the top world of burlesque.” It’s meant to be fun, self-deprecating and poignant, but it’s also meant to be the start of something new.” Charney says without a hint of irony he’s love the experience to spill over into people’s everyday lives. “We want them to bring the burlesque attitude back to the office.” Can it be done?

The vision for the show seems to have struck a nerve thus far. The response to the pre-sale has been strong, with Charney and Tupper reporting a sell out of the show’s Corner Office Suites (premium reserved seating) on Twitter within hours of launching.

Aside from the now sold out reserved seating, there seems to be a number of unique tickets available still available. The show offers two Micro-manager packages that offer the opportunity to work with professional stage hands and help clear the stage of the performers unmentionables between acts and a Cubicle Monkey package that bestows the purchaser the opportunity to watch the show from a professionally staged custom cubicle.

“We’re working diligently on finding the right pieces for the cubicle. We’ve got the most depressing cubicle walls and are vigilantly looking for a desk to match. The accessories are abundant. I cannot wait to have this all put together.” said Jesse of FourthWall Interiors, the company behind the cubicle.

Of course, the show also has a handful of Paper Pusher (general admission) tickets still available. Pre-sale prices are ending end of day Friday. However, even if you miss the Friday pre-sale deadline, you can benefit from pre-sale prices all day Saturday and Sunday by using promo code apt613.

Tickets are available here.