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Buck N’ Nice just sound like they are

By Jared Davidson on April 4, 2014




Post by Jared Davidson and Scott.

“Rather than doing what people want, you take it outside, do what you want, and then make that what people want… if that makes any sense,” says SawBuck, gesturing with a french fry. We’re in a pool hall. It’s a Wednesday night.

What he says does make sense, but I’ve got to supply some context: SawBuck, Ottawa rapper, has teamed up with another local music making enthusiast, DJ So Nice. They’re calling the project Buck N’ Nice. They’re kind of a hip hop super-group of sorts, and they’re about to drop their first album… after spending two years working on it.

Over this period, their working relationship seems to harken back to the good old days when artists would get together into groups to tell each other mean things.

“That’s what you want as an artist,” SawBuck explains. “You don’t want someone who is just going to say your song is great.” Right because who likes praise?

“I saw potential in him,” So Nice says. “I wasn’t that crazy of a producer at the time. We grew together.”

So after two years of beating around the bush, these two fellows have decided to make things very serious, not only by releasing an album, but by signing up for CBC’s SearchLight competition. SearchLight is a nation-wide band popularity contest. Popularity is quite rad, so go vote for them on their CBC Music page. And while you’re there, check out their kickin’ tunes.

So far, Buck N’ Nice has released a disappointing total of 3 songs, but if the rest of their stuff is remotely like this, I’m excited. If you like hip hop… well, that could mean any number of things. You’d really have to hear it.

I don’t think they’re bringing back the old school, I think they just sound like they are. Let’s reexamine that opening quote to see what I mean.

“Rather than doing what people want, you take it outside, do what you want, and then make that what people want… if that makes any sense,” says SawBuck for the second time.

My point is, it seems like these two are just making music they want to make. They’re not bringing back the 90s, because for them the 90s never left.

Throughout our conversation, the word real came up repeatedly. And when it comes to hip hop, real is a term that really means something. For these guys, it means being genuinely yourself. It also means making your music your way. There is no barrier between the artist and the work.

SawBuck explains it like this: “When we work together we’re working on music that we both like, that we relate to.”
DJ So Nice responds by comparing himself to Picasso (half jokingly) saying, “name any great artist and you’ll find that they put themselves in the art.”

To which SawBuck responds, “I feel like that statement right there is going to make this [article] blow up.”

Despite the awesome, they have the humble; they acknowledge that this music is not for everybody. Some may not relate, some may not understand. It doesn’t seem to faze them.

“You don’t straight up abandon a segment of the market, but it happens naturally,” says So Nice.

Yep, he’s starting to sound like an artist.

Listen to, and vote for, Buck N’ Nice on their CBC Music page. And look for news on the dropping of Buck N’ Nice’s album later this month!