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Photos by Darren Brown

Foodie Friday: Brewery Market is coming to more parks and neighbourhoods

By Jordan Duff on May 5, 2017



Last year, I had the happy occasion to write about the great work done by The Brewery Market under the heading: The Brewery Market makes drinking in the park socially acceptable. Typically, I spend a disproportionate amount of time on the article’s title, but in this case, it’s accurate. These annual events are truly one of the most social, sociable and accepting events in the city. It’s a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. Plus the beer lineup is stellar.

20170424_brewmarketVIP-11024The 2017 events will see some changes. The Brewery Market has expanded beyond its usual Hintonburg Park home to include more Ottawa-area neighbourhoods. Taralyn Carver, event director, explained that expanding beyond their traditional home at the Hintonburg Park will help reach new markets and avoid the weather-dependant issues of previous events. “We’re expanding to new communities in Ottawa, and offering a couple of indoor events (we have a history with mother nature)”, says Carver, “We’re pairing up with other local events, like Craftfest + Mozaik, in an effort to spread the good word of locally produced beer to new markets. And of course, by diversifying, we’ll be able to reach more beer-lovers.”

Set a reminder for the 5 upcoming events for 2017:

As if enjoying locally brewed beer wasn’t enough, attendees are also supporting charity, specifically the Parkdale Food Centre.  “Their mission is to provide healthy food, nutritional education and a warm and welcoming environment to neighbours in need—which resonates with the core values of The Brewery Market,” says Carver.

The events also aim to reduce waste by no longer offering disposable sampling glasses and instead offering reusable cups for purchase. Revellers can also choose between a 5oz and 12oz pour. Beer tokens are $3.50 each: 5oz beers will cost one token, 12oz beers will cost two tokens. 

Beyond the changes, the essence of these events remains the same. Outdoor events will continue to offer free admission and be family-friendly environments. Explains Carver, “We want our events to truly support our local brewers. We try to keep it as simple and affordable as possible for them to participate.”

Rain or shine, I’ll be there.

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