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Photo by John Kealey.

Brewery Market 2018 season opener at Hintonburg Park—05.26.18

By Jordan Duff on May 18, 2018

For those not participating in the Ottawa Race Weekend looking to carb-load in the sun, The Brewery Market’s 2018 season is kicking off May 26 at Hintonburg Park. Join me, fellow athletes.

Now in its seventh season, the event continues to be one of the city’s more popular beer events due to its simplicity. Organizer Taralyn Carver has put together a successful recipe: “The Brewery Market is laid-back and we don’t charge admission. No frills—just great food and craft beer in beautiful Hintonburg Park.” It actually works best without all the noise.

The events (held in May, June, August and September) set themselves apart from the numerous other beer events held in the Nation’s Capital. Aside from the quality of the beer, the most immediately notable difference, is the number of children running around the park, as the events are family-friendly. And really, who deserves a beer more than tired parents?

May’s Season Opener, features a lineup of Beau’s, Beyond the Pale, Cassel Brewery, Étienne Brûlé Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery, Muskoka Brewery, Stone City Ales and Tooth & Nail Brewery. These events are a great opportunity to connect with the brewers and reps who pour and are best suited to chat about their beer. Instead of samples, beer are served in 6 or 12 ounce pours. Pro-tip: arrive early to find a rare keg or one-off before it’s tapped out.

Though never a dry event, the show goes on rain or shine. While last year had a fantastic run of weather, years’ previous were less fortunate. “Our event goes rain-or-shine and we’ve always been impressed by the turnout, even in a downpour or snowsquall,” says Carver “You bring the ponchos and tarps, we’ll bring the kegs.”

And no matter the weather, you can feel good about tipping back at The Brewery Market. The organization has aligned themselves with Parkdale Food Centre, with a portion of proceeds being donated to their cause.

It’s a great event and a personal favourite. The organization always brings in great brewery partners and the atmosphere is perfectly relaxed. There’s no pretension and no distractions from the tasty beer (unless you brought your children, then you have a major distraction). It’s success year-over-year can be seen by the growing number of attendees and popularity.

Free, charitable and family-friendly. Plus beer.