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Killy sold out the Bourbon Room in 2018. Photo: ParfordxFMG.

Rideau Street nightclub The Bourbon Room has closed

By Greggory Clark on January 6, 2020


New Swears at the Bourbon Room in 2017. Photo: Ottawa Showbox.

Just as news hit that Bar Robo closed in Chinatown, Ottawa’s music community took another one to the chin with surprising news that The Bourbon Room at Rideau and Dalhousie has also closed its doors. After a run of five years, the Lowertown venue was closed on December 31st.

The Bourbon Room was a club which also hosted live hip hop, burlesque shows and awesome queer parties. It was one of the few venues that was welcoming to hip hop shows by local emerging artists, and as Ottawa’s name within hip hop is on the precipice of blowing up in a big way this year—Zach Diamond, Dax, Phantom Caine, City Fidelia all have huge drops and collabs soon—it presents an interesting challenge in terms of the local artists who are putting up big numbers on Soundcloud and Spotify getting the a chance to build a strong live show to tour.

The Bourbon Room covered the south corner of Rideau Street and Dalhousie. Inside, the room is massive with two levels opened up around the stage, plus a DJ booth nested on the top floor. The modified venue had a capacity of nearly 500.