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Bluesfest: Buck N’ Nice to debut new tracks

By Jared Davidson on July 16, 2015

After sharing the stage with fellow local hip hop duo Flight Distance this past Wednesday, Buck N’ Nice are looking to make their upcoming Saturday set something special. With the promise of new music from as-yet unreleased album EMAG, alongside the strength of their stage show, that seems pretty likely—there’s very little in the way of false hype with these two.

It’s been over a year since veterans of the local music scene, DJ So Nice and SawBuck teamed up to create the group Buck N’ Nice and dropped their debut album, Us Vs. Them. And what a year it’s been.

The band has been featured at Canadian Music Week, NXNE, House of Paint, and now Bluesfest. They’ve built some serious momentum in the space of a year, and they’re looking to keep that up.

“We’ve just got to keep that snowball going,” said So Nice. “Bluesfest is a big part of that.”

They plan to debut five new songs at Bluesfest, one of them being their opening track. According to the pair, their new sound is a progression on the old. It’s something new, but something that will still be recognisable to their fans.

Part of the reason it will be so recognisable is by virtue of the fact that the band live streamed some of their recording sessions for EMAG. In fact, if you’d like to get a sneak peek at what the new record might sound like, watch them record it below.


So Nice, the producer on the album, says he has been working hard to evolve his sound.

“I’ve been studying,” he said, “which is a fancy way of saying I’ve been listening to a lot of music [laughs].”

SawBuck agrees that DJ So Nice is doing something different, and he says that it’s challenged him to change up his own game.

“[Us vs. Them] was more introspective writing,” he says, comparing it to EMAG: “It’s more aggressive. It’s more up front that we’re here, we’re doing what we’re doing.”

It’s a mark of the tenor of the Ottawa hip hop scene that with so many local acts vying for those coveted Bluesfest gigs, there is an absence of rivalry within what is becoming a larger community. Many local hip hop acts talk about the Ottawa scene as one of camaraderie.

“We’re all big upping each other,” said So Nice. “And it’s good for the scene. Especially as [things like Bluesfest] represent the recognition of a hip hop scene in Ottawa.”

They’re all trying to, as they say, come up together. Buck N’ Nice and other local hip hoppers like them are working hard to put Ottawa on the map for the genre they love.They both have stayed in Ottawa, despite the lure of bigger cities, because they want to succeed in this one. And if their music videos are any indication, they wear Ottawa like a badge.

“We’re hoping Ottawa becomes known for its hip hop,” said SawBuck, “and we hope to be listed among the people that are part of that.”

Buck N’ Nice play the Canadian Stage on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 7pm. For tickets and info, click here.