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Blogging the Bluesfest: Zoo Legacy

By Jared Davidson on July 9, 2012

Sample Song: “How Much Love” written and performed by Zoo Legacy, off their “Zoo Legacy” EP.

Like Gorilaz or M.I.A., Zoo Legacy falls into the category of alternative hip hop, meaning that the rap is generally offset by a melodic chorus. Instrumentation is a focus in this band. Echo-pedaled guitar meanders behind a steady rap in the sample song above, for example. The band has an eclectic vibe, moving from sound to sound without settling down, offering variety. Overall their music is catchy, melodic and beat heavy.

Recently returned from Canadian Music Week and having played Junofest and NXNE this year, this local band is primed for their performance at Bluesfest. In addition, the band just released their first video, for the song “L.K.U.T.” and will be releasing a six song EP later this summer titled “City Light Glow.”

The band’s frontman Nick Pouponneau answered our questions.

How would you describe your sound?

That’s a funny question to be honest. Our sound is a mix of indie rock and hip hop. Depending on who’s listening, they’d call it rap or rock. So I would say we sound like Zoo Legacy. That’s really the best way to describe it.

How did the group start?

Sam and I have known each other for a long while and, well, Sam and Dom have been brothers forever. Sam knew I made music and I knew the same about him. Every time we’d discuss music we’d talk about how we should do a collaboration of some sort.

At first that was just kind of something you say, but one day Sam sent me an e-mail that had a song they had wrote and he asked me to come up with some lyrics. I sent it back to them the next day, and we all knew at that point that this group is what we were going to be doing.

Mark, who is our drummer, got added to the band about a year later. He is also someone we all knew through our circle of friends for quite some time. Our live show at first consisted of a mic, guitar and bass and we had digital drums. We knew that we had to liven that sound up and that a drummer was necessary. So when Mark stepped in at a show the chemistry was there and it clicked, which is how we went from three members to four!

What can we expect from your Bluesfest performance?

You can expect a lot of energy, swag, and good music. We always go up there and enjoy ourselves and I think our crowds can see that and enjoy it as well.

If you had the ability to fly, where would you go?

If I had the ability to fly I would go to England. A lot of our musical influences come from across the pond (and we’re all massive soccer fans) so I think if we could fly over there, record an album and fly back, we’d bring back some magic!

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