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Blogging the Bluesfest: Ashley Crnic

By François Levesque on July 8, 2012

Sample song “How Much” by Ashley Crnic.

Hamilton-born Ashley Crnic has been singing since the age of 2. Ever since she can remember, she’s been dreaming, and practicing to become a singer. She’s practiced Classical, Pop, Broadway, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Folk styles of singing but her latest album Full Grown perfectly fits the bill of adult contemporary with a rock twinge to it.

Ashley’s currently living in Ottawa where she’s had the chance to play several high profile gigs – Ottawa Winterlude, Junofest, was a contestant in the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot, but this will be her first time playing Bluesfest and she’s excited to rock out.

How would you describe your sound? 

Fresh, natural, down to earth approach. I have a wide vocal range and crossover sound. I would say I try to make it powerful, keep it real , emotionally charged and from the heart. There’s a touch of pop, rock, folk rock, blues in my music and I try to keep it up beat and refreshing.

How did the band start?

At a young age, I found myself involved in musicals, choirs and private voice lessons and just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It filled me with energy, passion and inspiration being involved so whole heartedly.  I started writing poems and lyrics at 8 and wrote my first song at 10. I have several books/diaries filled with poems and lyrics that sit on my bookshelf at home, looking for ways to work it into my new ideas while touching on old creative thoughts. I see it as a dream job to be able to surround myself with music and be able to share it and perform it in front of anyone who relates to it and loves and appreciates music as much as I do.

What can we expect from your Bluesfest performance?

You can expect to see me and my guitar on stage with a big smile and possibly a bit awe-struck and overwhelmed with joy to be there playing at Bluesfest! I plan to sing my heart out, play my heart out, and really show my vocal chops and showcase my songs well while trying to get people’s attention and make them have as much of a good time as I will be on stage. I will be performing songs off my album Full Grown as well as an introduction of new material I’ve been working and preparing for my next album. I’ll be promoting Full Grown and I’ll be planning to have it available for purchase on site. I hope to see fans, new faces, friends and meet and greet everyone and anyone that wants to meet me.

Would you rather be a fish or a sports car? 

I would say a sports car, more specifically ‘Eleanor’ if you know what I’m referencing. I’d rather be the person pushing to make it first where I need to go. I understand I need to compete and race for my career because it can only go for so long if you’ve got something worth pushing, finding faster ways to drive my exposure and fuel the industry with my music. But most of all, I try to maintain my health, keep myself conditioned for my performances and I work so hard that I reach points of exhaustion in some cases because I put all my energy into what I do. I just want to keep going all the time and I enjoy learning and working on every aspect of my career to make it better every day.

 Ashley Crnic plays the River Stage Sunday, July 8 at 1:30pm. 

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