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Blogging Bluesfest 2013: FEVERS

By François Levesque on July 5, 2013

Ever since Passion Is Dead came out, FEVERS has been a bit of an indie music darling in Ottawa. They were of the mind to give their first album for free and are doing the same with the first single off their new album, Dance Cry DanceWe spoke with them last year when they were young pups, playing Bluesfest for the first time. They since played Tulip Festival, Capital Pride, JUNOfest, and the Festival de l’Outaouais Émergent in the NCR and have big plans for 2013-2014.

Bassist Jim Hopkins spoke to us about the evolution of FEVERS over the past year.

What’s happened to you/your band in the past year?

Most of the past year has been focused on making the new record, “No Room For Light” [Ed. note: the album comes out August 27]. That included going up to a cottage to write and record demos, meeting our producer, recording the album in Ottawa and Toronto, and then basically planning the launch. We’ve been busy working on a video, planning a tour, working with a publicist for the first time, and playing shows when we’ve had time – we did a mini-tour of Quebec, played NXNE and had our single launch at Ritual. Having said all that, I think most of the hard work is ahead of us – we want as many people to hear the album as possible, so we’ll be playing a lot of shows in support of it.

How has your sound evolved?

I think our sound has become more focused – when we started off we were all over the map. I think working with a producer has helped us hone in on a direction, and although we still have a variety sonically, we’re starting to discover the FEVERS’ sound, if you will.

Will the pre-stage jitters be the same the 2nd year in a row? How do you all relax, loosen up before the show?

I think it will be a different sort of nervousness this time round – although it’s the second time ’round, we’re playing on a bigger stage and alongside some huge artists. Luckily our show is relatively early in the day, so we don’t have to spend all day thinking about it! By the time 3pm comes around we can relax and enjoy the day. Before the show though, there will be lots of pacing around and maybe some nervy vocal exercises!

 If you were to create your own donut for Suzy Q, what would it be and why?

For FEVERS, I think it’d have to have something to do with pop rocks – how about a salted caramel glaze with pop rocks on top?! Yum!

Here’s a teaser to their upcoming album.

FEVERS plays the Claridge Home Stage Sunday July 7th at 2pm.