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Blogging Bluesfest 2013: Miss Polygamy

By François Levesque on July 10, 2013

Miss Polygamy is not a Ms at all but a quintet of long hair, bearded guys that love dirty rock.

These guys are ready to rock your socks off on Sunday.

How would you describe your sound?

Contemporary with a throwback sound. Influences from Yukon Blonde, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding, Grizzly Bear, Sheepdogs, and more. We describe our genre as a mix of psychedelic-indie-dirt/blues.

How long have you been playing music, and how has your sound evolved over that time?

Since 2010 we became what Miss Polygamy is now. It started in 2009 as a duo (Allan Kinney and Sean Tansey) and in 2010 Arturo Portocarrero joined bringing in latin roots and old school drumming and Miss Polygamy officially emerged as a trio. As the years went by, Nick Hertzberg and Jordan Hall joined to create the energetic quintet that we are now. We like to consider Miss Polygamy as a collective as there are many musicians in the Ottawa music scene who have helped in the development of recordings, composing, and live performances. Sometimes we perform as a duo and sometimes we perform as an 8-piece band, Who knows what could happen?

What are you hoping to get out of your bluesfest performance? Fans, adoration, festival experience?

Expanding our fan base, to get our name out, and making sure people know about us and our new album “One Night Stand”, which is being given out for free at Our album is physically represented by a Post Card (free digital download on the back of the post card) encouraging people to not only download the album themselves but to put a post stamp on the back of the card and send and share it with their friends. These post cards have been given out for free since the album release June 28th and have been given around Bluesfest’s premises throughout the festival. The day of the performance we will be giving even more post cards informing people about the free album download. We are also seeking to gain more festival experience and hopefully with our performance at 2013’s Bluesfest closing day we will open some doors to start a tour outside Ottawa during the winter 2013/14.

Are there any other bands on the bill you’re excited to see?

B.B. King, Yukon Blonde, The Wicked Mercy, Monkey Junk.

Bonus silly question: What’s your secret place to hide from the Ottawa summer heat?

In our home studio, where the magic happens. As an independent band, we can’t ever stop working. 😉 it IS what we love doing, AND our home studio is pretty cool (Central Air, wink wink).

Another Bottle Runs Through by Miss Polygamy

Miss Polygamy plays the Bell Stage on Sunday, July 14 at 3pm.