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Blogging Bluesfest 2013: Autumns Cannon

By Chris Cline on July 8, 2013

With a first record release under their belts, the rockers of Autumns Cannon are coming home to Ottawa. Since winning Live 88.5’s Big Money Shot music competition back in 2010, the band has polished their sound and are ready to rock it on the big stage. While they’re a relatively young group (they formed back in 2009), they’re all clearly lifelong musicians who are psyched to be playing before The Tragically Hip this Thursday night.

How would you describe your sound?

We’re a roots-rock band heavily influenced by the great Canadian bands that have come before us, like Big Wreck, Matthew Good, and The Tragically Hip. But we also take cues from some of the greats, like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. The songs are anthemic rock pieces that touch on a range of subjects.

How long have you been playing music and how has your sound evolved in that time?

We’ve been a band for about 4 years, but we’ve all been playing since we were teenagers. The band’s sound has evolved from an alt-country group to a full-on rock band over the course of our time together. Working with Steve Bays and Gord Sinclair on our new record really helped us focus and find our own sound. The new album is something we’re very proud of, we put a ton of time and effort into making it as good as it can possibly be.

Why should folks come out and check you guys? What are you hoping to gain from your Bluesfest performance?

This show will be a bit of a home-coming performance for us, as it is our first show in Ottawa since we released the record. It will be our third time playing Bluesfest so it’s also become a summer tradition for us. Folks should come because we’ve been on the road for most of June and played a ton of shows so we’re now a finely tuned rock and roll machine! We’re hoping to turn some heads and also meet some fans who’ve been listening to us here on the radio and supporting the band.

Are there any other bands on the bill you are excited to see?

Well, it goes without saying that we’re very excited to be playing with The Tragically Hip! Most of our album was recorded in their studio in Bath, Ontario, with their bass player, Gord Sinclair, in the producer’s chair. You’ll also be able to find us at the Dawes show, we’re all big fans of what they’re doing and their new record is in high rotation on the CD player in the band bus.

Bonus silly question: How do you take your coffee?

In the words of The Beastie Boys, I like my sugar with coffee and cream!