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Blog Out Loud: Meet Ottawa’s blogging community

By Kelsey Sunstrum on April 27, 2015

Blog Out Loud is the 6th annual blogging event you don’t want to miss! The night allows you to get to know some key players in Ottawa’s blogging scene. Blog Out Loud features ten local bloggers reading aloud their favorite posts of the past year as well as displaying works of the city’s favorite photo bloggers.

Socializing with old friends and making new ones is highly encouraged. If you’re still a rookie blogger or simply want to extend your circle, this is an excellent opportunity to make new pals. Even seasoned writers have something to gain – go to be inspired and find a collaborator for that project you can’t stop thinking about but can never bring yourself to start.

The annual blogger fiesta was founded by Lynn, whose musings can be found at her blog, Turtlehead. It was inspired by an event at the popular blogger conference for women, BlogHer.

Blog Out Loud is part of the spring 2015 section of the Ottawa Writer’s Festival, the event of the year for writers and publishers since 1997. Last year was the first year the blogger celebration was included in the popular writer’s event. It managed to fill the Knox Presbyterian Church downtown with attendees.

To sweeten the deal – the event is completely free of charge. There’s no excuse to miss it, and every reason to attend and get to know Ottawa’s creative community.

Bloggers to be featured in 2015’s line-up include:

  • Emcee Dani Donders of Postcards from the Mothership, a photo-filled blog about parenting in the nation’s capital.
  • Richard Spencer of Reimagine It, a personal blog about living through loss and hardship, and re-imagining your future
  • Brenda Labelle of Bjütie, a blog about everything from style, make-up, and beauty to body image, feminism, and overall inspiration.
  • Brad Stewart of CHEO Moms and Dads, a blog every Ottawa parent should already have bookmarked.
  • Melissa Dimock of Refashionista, a thoughtfully, beautifully written blog.
  • Janet Lalonde of Cartoon-Coloured Glasses, a blog that translates everyday parenting woes into spot-on, stunningly illustrated comics.
  • Amanda Jetté-Knox of The Maven of Mayhem, the down-to-earth, relatable blog that has recently advocated for the trans community after Amanda’s daughter, Alexis, revealed her desire to transition from male to female to her.
  • Ross Brown of The Brown Knowser, the blog that, as Lynn describes, “has a way of turning small moments into turning points, into significant details that seemed small at the time but, looking back, had a big impact on who he has become.”
  • Astra Groskaufmanis of The Dustbunny Chronicles, a peek inside the life of a Canadian hockey mom.
  • Joe Boughner of The Naked Dad, a blog full of wit and humor about parenting, politics, personal relationships, and everything in between.

If you’re a regular blogger and want to be included in the 2016 line-up, all you have to do to be considered is e-mail Lynn at with your best post of the past year. It should be unique and passionate – in 5 minutes or less. If you’re not a blogger but still want to participate and support Ottawa’s writers, you can also send Lynn a line to volunteer for 2016’s gathering. You should also sign up for the newsletter, accessible through their website, to be notified of upcoming events.

Good luck to all participating bloggers!

Blog Out Loud is this Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 6:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Christ Church Cathedral (414 Sparks St).