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Blog News: Apartment613 invites proposals for blog and @apt613 takeovers

By Apt613 Caretaker on March 16, 2020


What would you do with the keys to Apartment613? Submit your takeover proposal here.

We’re brainstorming ways Apartment613 can offer positivity; and a valuable distraction to folks (over-)consuming COVID-19 media.

On social media, @apt613 is amplifying @ottawahealth messages… However, besides the *hot take* now and then, we’ll leave it to the CBC and other professionals to report the most accurate and important information. They provide a public service for which we’re very grateful! In turn, we hope Apartment613 can provide you with some much-needed entertainment.

Right now, we’re thinking Apt613 could seize this moment to offer our community platform to Ottawa artists, thinkers, presenters, non-profits, as well as any authors, radio hosts, slam poets, designers, makers, storytellers and teachers who will volunteer their time and talent to make social distancing easier on the rest of us.

We are especially interested in projects that will connect Apt613ers with local authors, albums, artists and entrepreneurs who can benefit from community support, because many cultural workers will lose out on gig income in the coming months.

As many of you are settling in for a lowkey week of at-home activities, we at Apt613 want to make sure there’s #ottmusic for your playlist, local authors on your reading list, and Ottawa-made films on your watch list.

Please use this form to send your proposal. We will try our best to respond to every message, however is run by volunteers and a part-time team with very limited hours. If you do not hear back in days does not mean we’re not interested!

#COVID613 😉