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Photo: J. Michel Carrière (Apt613 Flickr Pool)

Blog News: Community events calendar update

By Apt613 Caretaker on November 27, 2019

Close to 100 people have responded to this survey since Apartment613’s community calendar went dark. We’re asking big questions, for example: should the Apt613 events calendar be curated or comprehensive? (As of now, the vote is split roughly 2:1 in favour of comprehensive.)

If you’ve used the calendar—whether as an event organizer or attendee—please take a minute to answer these four quick questions.

Lately we’ve experienced difficulties maintaining the community calendar. Our WordPress plugin had developed all kinds of bugs and glitches. Users were reporting complicated issues with the event submission form; and our pt/volunteer moderators struggled to keep up. This recent post describes the issue in more detail.

For however long it takes to redevelop our community calendar, you can count on Apt613 to step up our event preview game. Starting this fall, you’ll see more picks in the popular Weekend Roundup column; monthly gig picks; more theatre and art reviews, dance coverage, and festival news.