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Black Friday and Green Future at Beau’s

By Jordan Duff on November 20, 2015

Black Friday is typically the kick-off of the holiday season. If you have a few craft beer lovers on your gift list, this might be a good chance to cross them off.

Black Friday at Beau’s will feature 10+ Black Beers on tap (clever…)  as well as discounted merch, exclusive buys, food, music and Ottawa/Montreal bus rides to Vankleek Hill via Groupon. If you haven’t sampled the Best of Beau’s mix pack at the LCBO, you should be able to find those fan favourites at the bottleshop as well.

That same weekend, Beau’s will also be launching Phase 3 of the Greener Futures Program. If you’re unfamiliar with the program, it is part company’s longstanding effort to move the brewery to clean alternative energy. Much like the DeLorean at the opening of Back to the Future II, the brewery will be powered by beer… kind of. By selling memberships for exclusive access to rare barrel-aged beer, the brewery has been able to raise funds thus far to purchase solar panels (Phase 1) and improve wastewater management plan (Phase 2). Phase 3 will operate in the same fashion.

It’s a green for green system: for $125, members get 10 barrel-aged brews and special glassware; members will also feel the warmth of Mother Nature’s smile as they drink these complex beers. Beau’s will get to operate in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Phase 3 will take the plans and designs of Phase 2 and put them into action. The goals are to reduce water usage, reduce overall effluent load and identify onsite wastewater treatment opportunities.

While you are enjoying the Black Friday/Greener Futures brewery experience, make sure to inquire about the three new beers to be released early December: Black Forest IPA, New Lang Syne, and Farm Table: 80 Shilling.

One last holiday season point, you may have heard that Vankleek Hill is the Gingerbread capital of Canada. It is. Just be aware that this “gingerbread” refers to the intricate wooden gingerbread ornamentation on homes in the town. Do not assume, as I did, that the town holds the Guinness Book of Records for most candy-gingerbread houses in Canada. They don’t… yet.