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Bière Garden’s movable party is a great way to sample what’s on tap across Quebec

By Jordan Duff on September 28, 2021



This week, tickets went on sale for a new mobile beer garden making its final stop of 2021 in Gatineau on October 2 and 3, aptly named Bière Garden. With beer-related and other types of gatherings on an obvious hiatus, it’s great to see the return of social outdoor imbibing.

Bière Garden was created to be an exclusive event where guests are treated to a curated tap list from other communities within Quebec. Much like the Olympic Games, the best of the best are invited and the host community shifts. For example, revellers attending a Montreal-hosted event might be treated to their first of Bas Canada’s renowned NEIPAs.


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David Roberge is one of the founders of the non-profit. “Our goal is to host few but high-quality events and experiences,” says Roberge. “We aim to take part in giving a look inside the brewing industry that we love through interviews, recaps from our events, promoting the partners involved and connecting through social media.”

With 500 tickets limited across the three Gatineau sessions, it’s set to be an intimate gathering. The last event of the season promises 12 exclusive or hard-to-find beers from nine breweries. Attendees are guaranteed the opportunity to sample each brew.


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The cross-Québec beer lineup will feature Bas-Canada (Gatineau); Sir John (Lachute); Emporium (Quebec City); Messorem (Montreal); Ayawan (Val-Morin); Harricana  (Montreal); Épitaphe (QuebecCity); Beauregard (Montreal); and Auval (Val d’Espoir), Brasserie Dunham (Dunham). Included among the Quebec breweries is the Ontario-based Wood Brothers Brewery.

But the immersive event is more than just beer-drinking. “We also host a few contests and games, like beer-tasting challenges,” says Roberge. “We do custom merch with local artists. Our bus transforms into a podcast recording studio for the podcasters invited to each block. There’s some live music and DJs. All of our setup is custom-built by us, too. We wanted something to define us as unique. We love doing unexpected surprises like opening special bottles in the middle of a block for a few guests to try.”

After a successful first season touring Québec, the party bus rolls home to Gatineau next week. Tickets are limited so if this sounds like something you’d enjoy, grab yours ASAP.

Tickets for the  Bière Garden start at $25 for designated drivers (non-alcoholic drinks only) with two other levels for beer drinkers at $68 and $115. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit their website and Instagram.